Pale Pink Rabbit t-shirt

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Men t-shirt with rabbit embroidery.

100% Cotton

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In many legends, the Rabbit is feminine deity related to the lunar cycle, fertility, longevity and reincarnation.

In Western folklore, they call it Moon Man or Moon Rabbit.

In China folklore, it is conceived by the moonlight and serves as a messenger of the moon.

In Egyptian mythology, Rabbits are also closely related to the moon and its phases. The full moon is associated with the male rabbit, and the new moon with the female.

In Greco-Roman antiquity, the rabbit is upheld as a symbol of love, lust, and abundance. Those born under the sign of the rabbit are friendly and deeply compassionate. They are creative and active and avoid conflict.

Rabbits are magical and mysterious and those relating with this animal totem possess a deep connection with the sacred, eternal spirit of the earth.

The rabbit is a sexual amulet and a lunar mask of immortality.