Diamond Pig sweatshirt

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Men crewneck sweatshirt with pig embroidery.

63% cotton, 37% polyester 


The Pig represents a positive symbol in many cultures. It is depicted as a mother goddess, because of its fertility, and often linked to wealth and fortune.

As one of the Chinese zodiac signs, it symbolizes prosperity, luck and success.

Pig statues and small figures are often used in Feng shui to attract positive energy.

In ancient Egypt, Pigs were related to the goddess of fertility Isis and deemed extremely important deities.

As totems, Pigs are symbols of good luck, lust, fortune and fertility. People protected by a Pig totem are considered very lucky in life.

Old Bulgarian legends tell stories of the invincible Pig able to descend underground in mysterious and dangerous caves inhabited by dragonflies and mythical creatures.