Umber Monkey sweatshirt

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Men crewneck sweatshirt with monkey embroidery.

63% cotton, 37% polyester


The Monkey is witty, playful and intelligent; an energetic character represented in mythology, religion, folklore and astronomy.

 As a sign of the Chinese zodiac, the Monkey is described as larger than life, artistic and rebellious.

In Hindu culture, the Monkey is depicted as Hanuman, a god believed to be the reincarnation of Shiva, who is heroic and dedicated to justice. 

The Japanese believe it to be a messenger of the gods.

In the cultural traditions of the Mayans, the Monkey is associated with the sign "loud" and is called the "thread of time". The ability of the animal to walk on earth and at the same time move along the crowns of trees presents it with a mythical power over the worlds. The Aztecs and Mayans believed people born under the sign of the Monkey are predisposed to the arts - singers, orators, writers, sculptors or skillful craftsmen.

The Monkey is sometimes seen as a symbol of harmonious marriage, safe childbirth, fertility and a protector against disease and demons.